Strategic Plan

The Village of Hamburg Police Department has developed a strategic plan in order to measure how the department is meeting the growing needs of the community. This plan will be constantly reviewed and revised in order to provide the best possible service to the community, now and in the future. The following are the major goals of this plan:


GOAL: Ensure the utmost safety and security of citizens and property in the community.

OBJECTIVE: Recognize and control all conduct that is threatening to life and property through:

  • Continuous officer training in areas of domestic violence, investigations, defense tactics, firearms, chemical sprays, first aid, etc.

  • Saturation patrols in recurring problem areas

  • Rapid and timely response to all emergencies

  • Maintain, train, and equip special response teams for extraordinary or extremely hazardous emergency incidents

  • Provide a high visibility patrol presence

  • Investigate all reported criminal actions

We will monitor our performance through the review of:

  • Training records

  • Response times

  • Citizen surveys

  • Calls for service


GOAL: Maintain public confidence in the ability of the police department to provide quality police services.

OBJECTIVE: Provide for assessment of changing community needs and expectations along with controlling department personnel and operations so they are responsive to citizen concerns through:

  • Conduct citizen surveys

  • Collect crime data

  • Maintain and review departmental policies for control and internal discipline

  • Facilitate the process of handling citizen complaints

  • Promote public awareness of department activities

We will monitor our performance through the review of:

  • Crime analysis

  • Citizen surveys

  • Complaints against officers

  • Public relations activities


GOAL: Facilitate the safe and harmonious movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

OBJECTIVE: Provide both education and enforcement of the traffic laws to all who travel throughout the village through:

  • Continuous enforcement by patrols
  • Use of unmarked vehicles
  • Radar details
  • Seat belt and DWI checkpoints
  • Directed enforcement at common accident locations
  • Literature on new as well as changing laws
  • Literature on use of safety equipment in relation to bicycles and vehicles (helmets, car seats, etc.)
  • Inspection stations for proper car seat installation
  • Increased bicycle patrols
  • Bicycle rodeos
  • Safety lectures to community groups

We will monitor our performance through the review of:

  • Accident reports
  • Citations issued
  • Literature disseminated
  • Mapping of repeat accident locations
  • Number of enforcement & educational details conducted
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