Comprehensive Master Plan

Village of Hamburg Comprehensive Master Plan Update


The updated Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Hamburg was adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 21, 2012.  A copy of the Plan is available by clicking on the document below titled "Adopted Updated Comprehensive Plan 5-21-12".

The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, with the assistance of consultants from Clarke-Patterson Lee design professionals, developed the document after obtaining input from the public and conducting a formal public hearing on January 17, 2012.   


The recently adopted Plan updates the Village's prior plan that was previously adopted in 2003.   


The Primary Objectives of the Comprehensive Plan Update were: a.) Review the existing comprehensive plan to determine which recommendations have already been accomplished and what items still remain and determine whether remaining actions still make sense in light of the Village's vision and primary goals. b.) Revise existing policy/strategy sections and provide additional to address needs and issues.

Primary Focus Areas:  This update concentrated on several key areas within the Village: a.) Main Street - Professional Office b.) Lake Street Corridor c.) Buffalo Street d.) Pine Street e.) West End (industrial area).

The plan addresses future land use issues, such as the boundaries and uses in the Commercial District, the Lake Street Corridor, protecting the character of Main Street between Lake and Center and addressing the Village’s west end – near the train tracks.


Comprehensive Plan Update Document Sections: The Comprehensive Plan Update document follows the general organization of the OLD 2003 plan.  The three main sections in the Update address the following:

1.) Introduction - Describe the overall purpose of the update and provide the rationale for the update's focus on specific areas.

2.) Inventory - Provide a general, but brief, update of the conditions in the Village that have occurred since the 2003 plan.  Provide a more detailed description of existing conditions (opportunities and constraints) for each of the identified focus areas.  Create updated mapping to show current land use, zoning and natural features.

3.) Plan for the Future - The Comprehensive Plan Update will address only those portions of the plan where revised and/or new information is warranted.  Based on a preliminary review of the existing comprehensive plan, it is anticipated the following revisions will be undertaken.

 a.) Future Land Use

 b.) Economic Development

 c.) Utilities

 d.) Community Facilities

 e.) Parks and Recreation Facilities

 f.) Historic and Cultural Resources

 g.) Environmental Characteristics

 h.) Transportation

 i.) Public Realm

 j.) Summary

The Village Board of Trustees appointed a Steering Committee representing a wide range of public and private interests and facets of the Village to guide and participate in the update process. The Steering Committee was chaired by Damon Ayer, owner of Mason's Grille 52. The remainder of the committee contains representatives from Village and Town government and the Hamburg School system as well as the Village Business Advisory Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Hamburg Development Corporation, Hamburg Industrial Development Agency and Village Economic Development Committee, Recreation Commission, Imagine Hamburg, Historic Preservation Commission, Architectural Review Committee, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals.

While the Steering Committee conducted the groundwork to update the Comprehensive Plan, public input was sought and welcomed because the best comprehensive plans are created by active public participation and diverse community perspectives.

The Village used several outreach efforts in the planning process to provide public input opportunities to the plan.  All of the Committee meetings were open to the public.  Information was disseminated on the Village web site and through the newsletter.  Public forums were held at Union Pleasant School on January 21, 2010 and July 25, 2011.  A formal public hearing was held on January 17, 2012 at Village Hall. 

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